How to Save Energy this Winter


Save during cold months by utilizing these winter energy saving tips. Check out some of the many ways you can cut your energy bill and stay warm when Jack Frost comes to town: The Sun: Take advantage of our biggest natural heat source -- the sun! Open all curtains on south-facing windows to naturally heat your home during the day. Windows: Cover … [Read more...]

Pour Offers Some of the Best Wine in Lancaster


Looking for the best wine in Lancaster? You need to check out the wine and beer bar Pour. It's a trendy local establishment that's open late and located near our Pioneer Woods Apartments. Pour carries everything from a $36 bottle of wine to an $180 bottle of wine. Some of the wines you can order by the glass include Domaine Jackie Marteau from France, … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Great Pet Sitting Services of Paws At Home


Everyone agrees Americans love their pets. They bring pleasure and comfort to your life, and even protect your family. In turn, you ensure they're happy and healthy. In fact, in 2013, Americans loved their pets to the tune of $55.7 billion. Since apartment living usually means no secure yard, one way that apartment residents spend money on their pets is … [Read more...]

Carr’s Restaurant: Fine Dining in Lancaster


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning to experience fine dining in Lancaster, Carr’s Restaurant offers something for everyone. The regular lunch and dinner menus, as well as the Sunday brunch and Sunday dinner menus, feature flavorful appetizers, entrees and side dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. By selecting the freshest … [Read more...]

Combat Allergens with a Proper Vacuum Cleaner

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Enjoying the majesty of fall can be hard with seasonal allergies. Here are a few tips on how to choose a vacuum cleaner that will keep your allergies in check. For people with severe seasonal allergies, only the best technology should cut it. The filter used aboard the International Space Station, HEPA, is capable of trapping 99.9% of allergens, … [Read more...]